The Triathlete's Training Bible - Fourth Edition

The Triathlete's Training Bible - Fourth Edition

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The world's most comprehensive training guide.  TRAIN TO WIN with Joe Friel.  For nearly 20 years, triathletes have turned to  The Triathlete's Training Bible to learn how to train for victory. Now, in this all new fourth edition, Joe distills the latest discoveries in exercise science, data analysis, daily planning, and skills development to help you create a personal training plan for success.  The ALL NEW Triathlete's Training Bible includes:
  • More Personalization:  Greater latitude for planning lets you build your unique needs and preferences into your seasonal training plan.
  • Power and Pace-Based Training:  Choose from training programs anchored by power or pace to simplify your yearly planning.
  • Proven Training Science:  Tested Training concepts are guaranteed to improve your race performance.
  • Improved Data Analysis:  Get the most from your techware with new ways to analyze your data, focus on the right numbers, and understand your results.
  • Swim Skills Development:  Rework your stroke and see immediate results with four basic movements for faster swimming.
  • Custom Recovery Plan:  Design your own recovery schedule to lock in fitness gains after challenging training sessions.
  • Workouts:  Expanded swim, bike, run, and combined workouts deliver more options to match your needs.

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