The Cyclist's Training Bible

The Cyclist's Training Bible

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The Cyclist's Training Bible by Joe Friel
EVERYTHING YOU NEED to train, race, and succeed in cycling is in this book.  Incorporating all of the latest advances in technology and training methods, this new edition of The Cyclist's Training Bible" puts the proven benefits of a scientific, self-coached training plan directly into your hands.

Whether you are a first-year amateur or a veteran of road racing, Joe Friel's step-by-step approach to season planning and race preparation will help you obtain the best results of your career.  This fully revised and expanded fourth edition delivers even more proven training strategies, including:
  • Using a Power Meter effectively
  • Adapting your training plan over the course of a season
  • Maximizing form and fitness, managing fatigue, and speeding recovery from back-to-back days of training and racing
  • Improving your body composition with smart nutrition
  • Supplementing strength training to build efficiency and power for sprints, climbs, time trials, criteriums, and all-around endurance
Whatever goals you have set for yourself, The Cyclists' Training Bible" will help you reach them.  Let Joe Freil guide you to your best performance and maximum potential.

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