"Best of Michigan Trails" Pocket Maps #2

"Best of Michigan Trails" Pocket Maps #2

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Best of Michigan Trails Pocket Maps  Retail $4.95 ea. 
by Ray Hoven for American Bike Trails

7 maps/28 Trails. 
Easy handling on the trail - compact, easy to read, waterproof, tearproof. Detailed 2 color trail guides for biking and other trail sports. Maps include area overviews, trail accesses, points of interest, mileage and location of facilities such as parking, restrooms, water, refreshments, information, and lodging.

MI20 SW MI Mountain Biking  
  • Saw Beese Trail
  • Fort Custer Recreational Area
  • Hofma Reserve
  • Ionia Recreational Area
  • Yankee Springs Recreational Area 
MI21 SE Mountain Biking #1 
  • Addison Oaks
  • Balk Mountain
  • Bloomer Park
  • Proud Lake
MI22 Southeast - Mountain Biking #2
  • Highland Recreational Area
  • Island Lake Maybury State Park
  • Pontiac Lake
MI23 SE MI Mountain Biking #3
  • Brighton
  • Pinckney Recreational Area
  • Rose Lake
  • Sleepy Hollow
MI24 Southeast Mountain Biking #4
  • Bay City / Tobico Marsh
  • Holly Recreational Area
  • Pine Haven Recreational Area
  • Seven Lakes State Park
  • Sleeper State Park
MI25 NW Upper Peninsula Mountain Biking
  • Bergland to Sidnaw Trail
  • Iron County Recreational Trail
  • Little Falls Trail
  • Stager-Crystal Falls Trail
  • State Line Trail
  • Watersmeet Land O' Lakes Trail
MI90 Michigan State Trails Reference Map

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